6 Best Cabinet Screws For All Purposes

There’s nothing more frustrating than pre-drilling a mine-field of tiny little holes perfected to size when you are building a cabinet by yourself. From there the frustration only grows.

But, it doesn’t have to be that frustrating. With the right set of cabinet screws, you can build your cabinet completely hassle-free and enjoy every bit of the process while you’re at it.

If you’re looking for a detailed review that will just point out to you which set of cabinet screws you should buy then today is your lucky day. 

In this best cabinet screws review, we have picked 6 different screw sets with very unique features that suit the need of every woodworker. Here we’re going to look at the good, the bad, the in-between of it all, in full detail. 

We’ve also put together a quick buyer’s guide to help you out in case of any confusion.

So, let’s start with a quick overview of all the products that we will be discussing today-

Comparison Table

Product Material Cutting Diameter
GRK Cabinet HandyPak 8 by 2-1/2-Inch Screws Package Stainless Steel 2.5 inches
Rok Hardware Flat Head Phillips Wood Screws Nickel 0.625 inches
GRK CAB8318HP Cabinet HandyPak 8 by 3-1/8-Inch Screws Stainless Steel 3.125 inches
FASTCAP PHZ8.3-inch-50PC PowerHead 3-Inch Cabinet Installation Screws Zinc 2.5 inches
GRK 772691177308 FTHS8212HP Trim Handy FIN 8 by 2-1/2-Inch Head PHEINOX Stainless Steel 1.5 inches
FASTCAP PHZ8.2.5-inch-150PC PowerHead 2-1/2-Inch Cabinet Installation Screws Stainless Steel 2.5 inch


Well then, now that you have had a birds-eye view of what we have to offer, let’s get to the fun part – the details.


GRK Cabinet HandyPak 8 by 2-1/2-Inch Screws Package


Specifically Meant for Cabinets

The GRK cabinet HandyPak screw package is specifically developed with cabinets in mind. The low profile, flush looking cabinet screws are perfect for use on solid wood, particleboard, fiberboard, plywood, and melamine boards.


The screws have a good hold to keep the cabinet sturdy and the start drive prevents stripping of the screws from improved productivity.


Thin Screws Prevent Splitting

The screws are developed with their patented W-Cut design that reduces torque for the application. It creates less tension when drilling during installation making sure the wood doesn’t split. That is a really good feature available mainly in the best screws for attaching cabinets together.


Strong Enough to Build Sturdy Cabinets

Despite being extremely lightweight and the smallest available size for cabinet screws, The GRK cabinet handyPak screws are surprisingly strong. A single screw can hold up to 75 lbs of weight. This is easily the best solution for building your sleek-looking, sturdy, and stable cabinet.


Paintable for A Uniform Look

And a feature not so common across most other cabinet building tools is that it is also paintable. You can paint over it to make it seamless and disappear into your cabinet entirely. The added bit of flushness to the wood makes it all the more professional and high up there in quality. It is these small details that make or break a good quality cabinet. So, you should always look for the best in your cabinet building tools and screws.


Comes with a Drive head

To make it even easier, the package comes with a perfect driver head measures to size. So, you won’t have to worry about finding the perfect tools or any extra compartments when it comes to building your new cabinet. Everything necessary is included in the package for you.


You just need a handy pair of screwdrivers and a will at work to finish off your new cabinet building project.



  • Ideal for Cabinets
  • Equipped with self-tapping thread
  • Can be used for both interior and exterior application
  • Can be ordered with a “white head” variety for specific indoor use



  • The driver bit that comes with the set is shorter than your average driver head.


Rok Hardware Flat Head Phillips Wood Screws

Excellent Holding Power 

Usually, there are always recommendations about best screws for hanging cabinets, best screws for attaching cabinets together, best screws for fastening cabinets to the wall, but what about the hinges? Well, the Rok Hardware Phillips screws are just right for that. 


These screws have a finer thread and have incredible holding power. These are the perfect solution for cabinet door hinges because they can take a beating and still maintain shape. 


Cabinet doors are constantly being opened and closed so the hinges are in use and being propelled all the time. You need something with a strong holding power to keep everything in place and moving effortlessly. And for that purpose, these are the best cabinet screws.


Minimizes Bit Slippage

A common concern when it comes to cabinet screws is that the recess on the head is not big enough for drill bits to securely grab onto. But the Rok Inc. has solved that issue with their extra deep recess.


These screws come with an extra deep recess to keep it secured onto the drill bit till the end. So there will be no chance of slippage and you won’t be accidentally scratching the surface of your cabinet door.


It is safe in a newer way.


Deep Thread Design 

You can tell just from looking at the screws that these are truly equipped with a deep thread design.


It is imperative for a hinge screw to have a perfect deep thread for maximum grip and no stripping. Anything less wouldn’t be sturdy enough for the door 



There is one single thread running finely along the length of the screw and ending on the very tip into a sharp point. This deep thread makes sure that the screw won’t fall out from rattling it or strip easily. That is a very reassuring feature to have in a cabinet screw.


Perfect Size for Fastening Hinges

These Rok Phillips screws have a unique shape that you can use for almost any cabinet door hinge and it’d fit. It also comes in a brass finish and color to make it unnoticeable, or rather, a good match for hinge fastening.



  • It is a professional woodworker favorite
  • Is compatible with a variety of different woods as well as man-made materials
  • Can be used to hinge plastic composites


  • Storing these screws can be tricky


GRK CAB8318HP Cabinet HandyPak 8 by 3-1/8-Inch Screws


Self-Tapping Screws

The Grk HandyPak screws are equipped with a useful feature of Self-tapping. The Leading threads have a built-in flute that is sharp enough to predrill a smooth insertion for you. It is also very effective in preventing splitting and cracks. 


The self-tapping screws create a smooth, precisely fitting hole for themselves that adds to their good grip and stability. With a predrilled hole screws can often rotate in on themselves making your cabinet unstable. 


But, the self-tapping GRK Cabinet Screws take care of that so you won’t have to worry over pre-drilling preparations ever again.


Light Duty Framing


The GRK cabinets are set apart by their smooth drilling and ease of installation. When building cabinets the screws and how they function determines how easily you can get done with the whole process.


Cabinets are made from finer wood boards and require smooth drilling to not cause any cracks or splitting. 


The GRK cabinet screws have their light-duty framing formula that honestly is the best possible solution for cabinet building without any fuss.


Washer Style Head


Along with being precise, convenient, sharp, and lightweight, the GRK screws also come with a washer style head. 


The screw heads are already wider than most other cabinet screws. A wider head gives the screw the advantage of covering more area and spreading the pressure over the bracing surface evenly. It creates a lot less friction between the softwood and the screw, to begin with.


And the GRK screws come with a washer attached to the wide head, making it much more soft-wood friendly and way less damaging. This feature also makes the screws more reliable and strong.


Anti Corrosion Coating

The GRK screws are developed with their Climatek technology that prevents corrosion.

With up and down cabinets they are either in contact with the ground or the ceiling and are constantly facing corrosion. The anti*corrosion technology prevents the screw from deteriorating over the years.


It is also the feature that makes the screws way more long-lasting than other available options. 


It even helps with pressure-treated wood. Usually, pressure-treated wood is submerged in preservative liquid to help its longevity but it also becomes an issue because there is moisture in the wood that ultimately ends up rusting any screw or nail that is used in building the cabinets.


The Climatek technology of these particular screws helps them from preventing rusting over time even when used with pressure-treated wood.



  • Its Zip-tip technology gives it the sharpest point without losing the thread resulting in a smooth installation
  • W-cut thread design tuns all the way to the very tip
  • Can be easily painted over for a sleek look
  • Comes with its own driver bit


  • The part of the head where the driver attaches to is smaller than average.


FASTCAP PHZ8.3-inch-50PC PowerHead 3-Inch Cabinet Installation Screws

Large surface area 

The Fastcap screws are known for their larger head. The large flat head is designed to work with its trademark peel and stick cap cover. The cap cover of course adds more flair to the design with close attention to detail.


But that is not the only benefit of the large head. It is also key for stability.


The larger surface area distributes weight and pressure on the bracing material evenly so it won’t pull through. Even when applied a lot of pressure at once, there won’t be an issue of breakage or cracking around the screw hole for its added advantage of the larger surface area.


Cutting Nibs Seat the Screw Flush 

It is almost essential for any woodworker to know what kind of finish the tools will provide to be sure of their final product. And when it comes to building a cabinet, a flush look is a must.


The FastCap screws have nibs set all around under the large head that aid in hacking away at the soft material. This helps the head to sink into the material and get that countersunk look.


Has a type 17 auger point tip for easy starting

The screws are all equipped with an Auger tip. These are usually pointed and designed to make drilling easier. It lets the screw go in smoothly without causing much friction at the very start. It also prevents any cracking or splitting.


No Pre-drilling

The handiest feature of all. Let’s be real, you need a whole pile of screws to properly fasten a fully functional cabinet set. And having to predrill precisely for each one of them is not only cumbersome but also very time consuming and messy.


The FastCap screws need no preparation or predrilling to be installed. These are self-tapping screws with an auger tip precisely for the purpose of drilling their own holes. It is a one-step process. You no longer have to worry about long hours of only repetitive predrilling ever again.



  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Made from premium quality material
  • The zinc aids in keeping the screws corrosion-proof
  • Works on a variety of woodworking materials
  • Convenient for budget buyers


  • The drill bit that comes with the set is not super sturdy


GRK 772691177308 FTHS8212HP Trim Handy FIN 8 by 2-1/2-Inch Head


Trim Head for a clean finished look

The GRK Fin Trim Screw is one of those star products that you just can’t go wrong with. 


With all it’s industrial winning features, it sports a trim head. Trim head screws are a lot similar to flat head screws in terms of finish. It is a short nibbed head that is meant to be flushed securely against the surface it is being drilled into. It often gives a countersunk look.


Using a trim head screw for your cabinet project would not only make it sturdy and durable, but it’d also make it look like the work of a professional.


Zip-Tip for one-step installation

These screws are an industry favorite because of their unique zip tip design. It is a feature that you’d only see in a GRK product. It is their patented screw structure that makes the product all the more worth it.


There is one single thread that runs along the whole length of the screw tapering in and creating a super thin and sharp point. This unique, timeless design makes the screw very convenient for use since it is self-tapping. 


You only need a screwdriver to fix the screw into your cabinet, no pre-drilling needed. This zip tip technology makes the installation smooth and user-friendly, it also turns the whole thing into a truly one-step process.

Eliminates stripping 

It is common with secure and self-tapping screws that they strip easily. It happens because there’s no pre’-drilled hole and in turn, you can get carried away and keep fastening the screw to the point where it strips.


But, the GRK FIN and Trim Screw set to eliminate that possibility altogether with their stardrive technology. They have a star drive bit that provides six points of contact with the stardrive screws to fasten it properly without ever stripping. 


And, yes, you will get your own star drive bit with your screw package.



The Fin and trim screws are very versatile when it comes to their application. 

Made from PHEINOX Fin/Trim 305 stainless steel, can be used for both interior and exterior condition use without any worries.

It is also available in two colors – silver and gold to suit your necessity. 


Besides cabinet construction, it is generally used for use in trim, fine carpentry, stairs, railings, and deck boards.



  • Self-Tapping W-cut thread design
  • Has a Climatek coating 
  • ESR-3201 approved for trim applications
  • Available in length from 1-1/4-Inch to 5-Inch


  • More expensive than other readily available options


FASTCAP PHZ8.2.5-inch-150PC PowerHead 2-1/2-Inch Cabinet Installation Screws

Specifically for Installing Cabinets

The fastcap powerhead screws are constructed specifically for the installation of cabinets. That is why it is compatible with a variety of different materials like plywood, solid wood, MDF, and melamine board. The screws come with a finer, more consistent thread to be more malleable to the material while installing your cabinet.


Used with or without Peel and Stick Cover Caps

FastCap Powerhead Screws have a larger flatter head designed for the best outcome and when used on the exterior of the cabinets, it is pretty unnoticeable. But if you want to add a bit of luster and professional touch to your cabinets you can get the Peel and Stick cover caps that perfectly meet the surface of your cabinet for a sleek, polished look.


Auger Tip for Faster Starting

These screws are specifically meant for the ease of cabinet installation. That’s why they come with the auger tip that sinks in softwood, plywood and other material to give you a faster start despite the immediate resistance and preventing any unwanted splitting or cracks.


Flat-head screw sits flush with the surface

The screws have a head that is flat and designed for laying completely flat against the bracing material. It flattens out while fastening the screw and sits flush against the cabinet, almost disappearing. It becomes a part of your cabinet.


Available in Various Lengths

The FastCap screw is available in both 2.5″ and 3″ lengths. So you can customize your screw to be perfectly sized for your cabinet. You can also get different sizes of the screw if you want to maintain uniformity in the exterior and interior design of the cabinets.



  • Made from premium quality Zinc
  • It is anti-corrosion and can withstand wear and tear
  • Very easy to use
  • Aren’t prone to breakage
  • These are generally heavy-duty screws


  • It can be tricky to readily find a driver bit for the T-20 head


Buyers Guide

If you’re lost in a sea of information and sizes and dimensions, we’re here to help. This buyer’s guide will help you brush up on the fundamentals, so you make the best possible buying decision.


Size: This is one of the key features of any screw kit. You know the size and thickness of your cabinet. Pick a screw set of the corresponding size and with more length than the thickness of your wood board so it can pierce through to the other side and fasten properly.


Material: Choose the material of your screw depending on the material of your board and the positioning of your cabinet. If your cabinet is touching the ground then there’s a chance of corrosion, pick a screw with anti-corrosion features. And because most wood boards have moisture in them, the fasteners usually end up rusting. Look for something that claims to be anti-rust.


Thread: There are bigger threads and then there are finer threads. If you’re going to use it to secure your cabinet to the back wall, you can go with the screw that has a bigger thread. If you are attaching two cabinets together, pick a screw with a finer thread so there’s no gaps in between.


Keeping these fundamentals in mind, go ahead and pick the best screws for cabinets that suit your requirements.



Question: Can I use drywall screws for cabinets?

Answer: Yes but drywall screws have a bigger thread which will result in unnatural gaps between your cabinets.


Question: How much weight can cabinet screws hold?

Answer: Around 75 lbs


Question: Do I need to pre-drill a cabinet screw?

Answer: if it’s a self-tapping screw, you shouldn’t have to.


Bottom line

Let me sum it up for you one last time. If you’re looking for something on a budget, go for the FastCap ones. If you’re looking for something sleek and polished, go for GRK trim ones.


If you’ve come this far, thank you so much for reading along. And we hope that you have used our buyer’s guide wisely and made your pick for the best cabinet screws.


With your perfect cabinet screws, it is smooth sailing from here. And we are going to leave you with the wish that you can put your best cabinet screws to good use.

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